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aarggghhh my code stopped working and I have no clue why… I didn’t change anything (at least I think I haven’t)… and now I get an error when trying to create a JS object 😠 😡


cosmic rays done been flippin' your bits @thomas, it's the only explanation


I hate those cosmic rays. They're always getting into my codez.


I know… mysteriously my code works on Firefox at the moment, but not on Chrome. where it did work previously.


I’d like to put a small Clojure app infront of an existing app. The plan is to progressively implement the existing app’s API (and take it’s traffic) whilst letting all routes that aren’t implemented fall through to the old app.


Are there any decent request forward proxies for Clojure?


Bonus points if it plays nicely with ring


And I know I can use nginx to implement the specific routes, but I’d like to do some tracking of the request bodies as they come in. The plan is to use that info to “fix” broken bits of the API for the next iteration.


Hmm, trying Java 9 on Ubuntu with Leiningen seems to have an issue pulling dependencies from Maven Central. I am assuming there is a missing certificate in Java 9 that is causing the errors I am getting. Anyone else on the bleeding edge have this issue?