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@bahulneel: yeah that describes using the multi-part middleware - which is what we're using already... problem is I don't want to wrap the file in a form body - as its used by an API only... so I need another middleware to stream certain request bodies (depending on content type) into a temp file - and replace the body with the tempfile (like that middleware does).


@bahulneel: yeah exactly - as you've demonstrated - it's easy enough to do - I was just wondering if there was an existing middleware for this...


thanks though... I might take what you've done and deploy a middleware for this usecase if there isn't an existing one already.


was thinking it might want to reuse bits from the multi-part middleware too though - e.g. the file store idea it has etc...


@rickmoynihan: That would make sense


also should probably take a set of content-types where it kicks in


I might take a look at this next week sometime