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Morning from train in Co Durham


Question of the day?: Boot or Lein ...and why?


Hi simple_smile Lein to get started, but I did move to boot afterwards. Especially after trying to put cljs in my project, and having to make executable scripts.


I tend to use lein... mainly as I don't have much experience with boot


@agile_geek i've got a mixture of boot and lein... lein is familiar and easier to get started with because of that, and is fine for libraries and single-process projects - boot is more capable when you have a more complex build process like a cljs project with live-build, less compilation and http serving


@mccraigmccraig: presumably you don't mix and match in the same project?


@agile_geek: no, i haven't done that - i don't think there would be much point, unless it was during a migration from one tool to the other


@mccraigmccraig: I would expect that mixing them would make a maintenance nightmare!


@agile_geek: if it's a Clojure server-only type of project and you're familiar with Lein, go with Lein. If it's Clojure/Script and you're open to try something new, go with Boot. In general Boot based cljs tooling does similar things as figwheel.


@agile_geek: I have a bunch of friends who I told about Boot dozens of times and while in the beginning there was a learning curve and some frustration many of them are now like "Boot is awesome".


I think Boot's task and FileSet abstractions are also very clever so learning about these might even be worth it on it's own simple_smile


I haven't yet built anything that 'lein' didn't work for. But then I'm not doing this for a day job!


I will be doing some cljs stuff soon... So I'll keep this in mind. thanks


@martinklepsch: i'm one of those like "boot is awesome" people now simple_smile


at some point I felt like I burnt a lot of credibility promoting Boot so much so it's great to see other people getting behind it as well 😄


also @martinklepsch might not want to say right now, but was a great way to get started with boot & cljs