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Pablo Fernandez08:10:18

Anybody doing any interesting Clojuring today (that is, aside from Proclodo)?


@pupeno: stuck in JavaLand as per usual I’m afraid.


Morning all


It's going to be a toss up tonight... Clojure or openttd.


open source clone of transport tycoon deluxe

Pablo Fernandez09:10:06

Do you mean playing it?


Morning all. And Hello. I’m Lee-Jon, CTO @ Alliants, thought I’d join this channel to lurk on the Clojure antics in London.


stuck in Java land today as well.. and broken builds, so tests don't work properly either at the moment 😞


For those that had issues with Clojars being down this morning, it’s worth saying that you should look into having a backup plan when the repository services you use die/disappear. The easiest way to do this is to keep a Nexus/Archiva caching mirror in place. Even better if you can integrate it using your CI services — using your builds to show freshness.


Also, morning 👋


@lee-jon welcome to the ldnclj's... is Alliants using Clojure?


Only as dilettantes at the minute. We mainly specialise in Rails, but there’s a few of us (4-5) with an interest in Clojure, and its definitely something I’d like to help push in the community and with people I work with.


sounds good.


@kushalp: good advice - I remember we did just this at Deutsche Bank and it worked fine


The other (read: lazier) is to use a caching proxy like varnish or traffic server. The benefit of something like traffic server is you can tell how to store things it caches. The downside is you end up having to deal with the proxy hosts problem.


does nobody mirror clojars?


It’s always good to have a Nexus-style repo - also gives you a single point of control, if you want to audit what is being used. And somewhere to publish artifacts that you generate yourself!


I’m playing with some clojure, but more d3 - looking at putting a pretty front end on some code-maat and other metrics


Rather frustrated with d3 though - I’ve been trying to work in es6, which is a huge improvement over current JavaScript. But libraries like d3 just love to do hacky things that kill the use of “this” to encapsulate state 😞


@pupeno: are you a vegetarian or omnivore? ordering food for pro-co-dojo soon and no-one has asked for veggie yet


I got a spice pepper and chicken bbq just in case people are not as obsessesed by pepperoni as I am