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..and in that spirit, Good Morning UGT…and DST 😄


Good morning, Good evening, and Goodnight


so, these Dojos. What's the dealio. Everybody just gets together and bashes out code with beer and pizza?


that’s mostly it xlevus. people give ideas first and we vote, then onto the coding


then people present what they did


And I assume, BYO laptop?

Pablo Fernandez11:09:28

xlevus: people tend to work on one or two different problems, dividing into groups and several groups working on the same problem. (this is an aspect of dojos that I’m not a fan of)


hm. Time to buy a laptop then :/


well, you can do without a laptop, most people will bring theirs


and you can pair with someone

Pablo Fernandez11:09:28

xlevus: you only need one laptop per group, plenty of people don’t bring a laptop or don’t have a Clojure environment ready.


since people are working in group

Pablo Fernandez11:09:39

Oh, groups tend to be three or four people.

Pablo Fernandez11:09:44

I’d love to have a dojo-like environment but to pair on whatever you want to work instead of the two problems of the day.

Pablo Fernandez11:09:19

I’m always working on one lib or another I could use help with, or I’m happy to help someone else with their thing and learn something new in the process.


well, you still can no? if 2 persons want to work on something together you’re free to do so

Pablo Fernandez11:09:40

quentin: that goes against the spirit of the dojo and my proposal to do that were frowned upon. I did it once but just because the three people that randomly ended in my group didn’t feel like working on the main problem and liked an alternative one. It was a lot of fun, but just chance.

Pablo Fernandez11:09:57

And it was also productive, as it ended up being pull requests for Luminus and Korma.


mayhaps I will come to the next one then. I had been meaning to, however many months ago, then I moved, and then my laptop died.


pupeno: let’s make a new dojo for that 😄

Pablo Fernandez11:09:46

quentin: I’d be happy to attend that one, but I don’t have a space to host.


are the project dojos the same?


if I find a solution I will let you know simple_smile I like having different practicing contexts, especially since I don’t have the opportunity to do clojure at work


the project dojo is a different one

Pablo Fernandez11:09:04

xlevus: that one is working on one and only one practical problem over a long period of time, building something.


this is the same project that gets iterations between dojos

Pablo Fernandez11:09:13

I enjoy the fact that we are building a real application so it’s not just a toy problem, but we are thinking of deployment, maintainability, usability, etc. At the first one, I decided to tackle server side pre-rendering of single page applications which resulted in this:

Pablo Fernandez11:09:44

Ok, gym time. BBL.


last time I went to one there were three of us behind one laptop


@pupeno @quentin I don’t see you bringing you’re own problems to Dojo’s being frowned upon. I suggest you do that at next USwitch/Thoughtworks dojo and I’ll work with you 😉


would be cool to pair with someone on my music tool simple_smile


and i think that could help reduce the issue of “starting from nothing on a new lib that nobody knows” since you could have the project initiator able to “drive” the project


@quentin: lets do it (as long as you port it to cljs!)


yes simple_smile cljs + reagent (no, not reframe 😄 )

Pablo Fernandez12:09:36

@agile_geek: to be fair, doing this is not very dojoist, so, I understand.


I’d like to keep the ProCloDo (at Salesforce towers) working on the Event Management project for now but can definitely do it in other Dojo’s.

Pablo Fernandez12:09:57

@quentin: what’s your music tool?


@pupeno we just need to vote for it in enough numbers!


pupeno: it’s a multi grid sequencer with web audio synthetizers


you activate notes on the grids and the loop play the music


@pupeno ppl suggest experimenting with libraries etc. in Dojo’s all the time. We could suggest working on your projects and see who votes for it

Pablo Fernandez12:09:19

@quentin: I haven’t worked on anything music related since I built this so, it could be fun.


oh that’s nice simple_smile


"Current Version: 0.1.3"


2004, that’s some time simple_smile


@quentin: I reckon loads of ppl would vote to work on your music project

Pablo Fernandez12:09:48

@agile_geek: but that’s the problem, what I want doesn’t to go well with the voting system. Let’s say I want to pair with something in making Nashorn-based server side rendering into a library. Most likely nobody will vote it, because most of the information for that is in my brain so other people won’t find it as interesting/productive, but if they do, then we’ll end up with three groups of three people of which only one contains me and the other two will be at a serious disadvantage by not having this information on their head. This would be the same for @quentin, only him knows what “@quentin’s music project” is, so other groups would be wasting their time.


@pupeno: I see your point, it works if the group is 3-4. Could use a big screen and ‘mob’ on it but I think that would dissolve into chaos.



Pablo Fernandez12:09:22

This is what I would like:

Pablo Fernandez12:09:09

You write what you want to work on and your name on the board and then people can propose working with you if they are excited about the project. Otherwise, you work on your own or you join someone else’s project.

Pablo Fernandez12:09:56

There’s a risk of everybody working individually or not having enough projects, but there are a few generic projects that can be thrown in to solve the latter (pick a bug from a library and solve it… hey, even clojure and clojurescript have bugs that can be tackled).


this sounds good to me

Pablo Fernandez12:09:23

It could even be run parallel to a dojo.

Pablo Fernandez12:09:59

And I’m happy to stand up and manage the board for this, I just can’t organize a dedicated event.


maybe we should put it on the google group as a more persistent discussion. Could help to find place to host this (parallel to a dojo or dedicated event if someone can organize)


Why not talk to organisers of two current dojo’s about doing this every 2 or 3 dojo?


I’m happy to do it in gaps between projects in ProCloDo 😉


yup sounds good agile_geek simple_smile


Calling all speakers for Oct Skills matter


let me know if you have something cool to present


i cleaned up the code of the space invaders project started at the dojo. Feel free to suggest improvements etc, I am really interested to get feedback simple_smile


Anyone here any luck with Yada @jonpither @malcolmsparks maybe?


hi @mccraigmccraig any luck with it? I tried the example... but getting errors

Pablo Fernandez21:09:13

Weee! I got nodejs to run.


yeah, it's mostly working great, though cors & auth are a wip


@thomas i remember the routing was a bit difficult to get right... i'll have a look at your example in the morning and compare to my working code