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Anyone up for a meet up this week to discuss/compare notes/code on SPA architectures?


afhammad: no time for a meet up, but re-frame is the dogs nuts. i've done lots of om, and a tiny little vanilla reagent, and re-frame blows them out of the water. i haven't considered any non react-based solutions though


@mccraigmccraig: im using Om and have a pretty decent setup going was just interested in other approaches. I haven't looked at re-frame at all, what makes it more dog nutty than the others in ur experience?


Hello all, I've been having a little polish of my (overdue!) SICP Distilled project and would appreciate eyes on it before unleashing it on the world Ch1 is mostly done I'm writing up the Escher stuff for Ch2 now and I've done what I think is a good stab at the interpreter bit Let me know your github IDs if you have not already joined and I can add you now if you can have a peek next few days

Pablo Fernandez19:08:37

@malcolmsparks: still getting there. I’m doing some load testing in clojure to understand the behaviour of the pool and make it as transparent as possible.

Pablo Fernandez19:08:56

My plan is to then write a blog post explaining its behavior. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to extract it into a library.