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Ah so this is where all the London people went… 😉


I miss IRC you know...


Or in the case of @maleghast really, really, early morning.


@thomas Hills? There’s nothing really horrendous in most of UK. A few very steep short climbs but not many on anyones commute. It’s definitely an attitude thing. Upswing in cycling in UK is Sport driven. It’s not considered ‘transport’. When I was a kid my best friend lived 3 miles away & with no public transport & parents that worked I cycled to his house. I cycled to school, that’s what half the kids did. They all get driven to school now. Infrastructure will help as I think most ppl see cycling in UK cities as equivalent to a death wish.


@agile_geek: yes, cycling doesn't seem to be "just" transport in this country as it is in The Netherlands. All people who cycle into work here have to change, shower and have special bikes for instance.


@agile_geek: Hi there - it’s afternoon here! (Sorry I was interviewing, and I’m about to leave for the airport, so can’t stop and chat)


@thomas hypocritically, me included. But I sweat a lot & my coworkers wouldn't thank me for not showering!


I guess with the aforementioned hills you'll end up sweating


@cdpjenkins wrote a little blog post on how to deploy an Clojure app on the IBM Liberty server:


and then left IBM simple_smile


@mccraigmccraig do you have specific feedback that I can give to the guys who run the Liberty site? (Now that I've left IBM, I'm less inhibited about giving them harsh-but-fair feedback)


@cdpjenkins: it was the style of writing more than any specific content "IBM WebSphere Application Server Liberty Core is a lightweight edition of WebSphere Application Server that delivers the core components of the popular WAS Liberty Profile."


i have no experience of websphere (beyond some horrible 15 year old memories), but i wasn't left with any desire to renew my acquaintance simple_smile


Doh... Yeah, I (sadly) know what you mean about the style of writing. Used to annoy the hell out of me when I was still at IBM!


Do you mind if I pass that comment on to my former colleagues?


(The reality is that Liberty is actually pretty cool and a lot easier to use than WAS Classic and I think IBM could do a better job of getting the message out about it)


I agree.. that style makes it sounds very heavy.


@cdpjenkins: what does liberty/was provide these days (beyond 2pc) that would make it worth running on an app-server (as opposed to a bare jvm, which is what i run all my current clojure apps on) ?


Honestly, I'd only consider running Clojure on a dedicated app server if you specifically want to use something in Java EE (so 2pc like you say or JMS) ... It maybe you have an existing Java EE app that you want to use Clojure to extend.


If you have a pure idiomatic Clojure app then bare JVM gives you what you need better than an app server in all likelihood


right... I am off on holiday now... see you all in a few weeks time.


@mccraigmccraig sorry to be a pain but do you happen to recall which page had that IBMey language on it ("Liberty Core is a lightweight edition of ...")? I'm taking to the person who is in charge of the WASdev site and she's keen to remove language like that from that site.


Awesome thanks @mccraigmccraig , you rule