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has anyone here tried cljc yet (reader conditionals)?


@thomas yes : i've just been working on a lib for message encoding/decoding/validation which is shared between the cljs ui and clj backend


the only difficulty i had was with expectations tests... the lein-expectations plugin didn't seem to recognise tests in .cljc files, so i had to separate out .cljs and .clj test files which were basically identical... this looks to be a problem with lein-expectations though


so where should I put my cljc file? so that it will get picked up by both my clj and cljs code?


thomas: you can have a merged source-tree of clj, cljs and cljc files : have a look at :


thanks @mccraigmccraig I'll have a look at that


thomas: there are also examples in cats of how to do macros for cljs consumption in the same cljc file as the non-macro code :


I know it’s a long way off and not a Clojure specific conf, but is anyone planning to go to QCon 2016 in London in March? I’m thinking of booking before Sept.


I've ported bidi to cljc (in a branch) but can't figure out how to get the cljs tests to pass - hoping someone will figure out cljc+ cljs testing so I can copy 😞


but if anyone can point me to anything, i'd be really grateful


malcolmsparks: cats (url above) has tests working from cljs : "lein cljsbuild test" ... i copied their approach to my repo straightforwardly