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I know it's grey/raining, but it can't be that bad, surely @mccraigmccraig? simple_smile


my daughters nursery showed me her 'learny journey' book today, which they compile from their notes and photos... they looked at me funny when i asked them which of the 3 obvious spelling variants they used 'lourney journey', 'learny jearny', 'learny journey'


re: SQL - well, my words were prophetic, we found a performance issue yesterday because a simple Hibernate lazy join wasn’t actually lazy; it would have been a trivial custom SQL query but Hibernate still fscks it up.


oh neat. I was trying to build a thing that looks like it was probably just going to end up being 90% of what yada is. I can now probably just write a shim around yada.


korny: hibernate is a different beast to korma & honeysql though... shoehorning a relational model into OO was always an idea of dubious merit


xlevus: yeah, i'm playing with yada now, looks like i'm gonna throw away my half-assed solutions


throw away those half-asses. And implement yourself some fresh half-asses!


all solutions are asymptotic to a whole ass


mccraigmccraig: true, but I’m still rather skeptical. I know that if I’m using SQL under the covers, the time will probably come where I need to tweak some of the SQL because of something particular to the particular SQL flavour I’m using; and when that happens, I don’t want to find that my SQL is being generated, unless it’s a real simple generation like coffeescript is to JavaScript.


… but maybe it’s just PTSD and someone will produce something that proves me wrong simple_smile


korny: ha, i think we've all got ptsd from a variety of causes... yesql meets your constraints, in that it's basically just a sql template. korma and honeysql less so, but then i tend to only use these things now when i want to be able to compose query fragments, and i've got at least as much ptsd from writing query-composition stuff as i have from fighting restrictive sql generation simple_smile


I don't quite get yesql. It doesn't feel like it fits in with the clojure way.


@mccraigmccraig: yada 0.5.x isn't that far off, I've had quite a bit of holiday/travel time to hack on it recently and I expect it will be the 1.0


@malcolmsparks: i'm playing with it now... no problems so far, though i haven't done a lot yet


i've totally redesigned some parts of the interface however, so even though it's close to 0.4.2 there's some significant differences


especially with content negotiation, which has been redesigned from the ground up


@malcolmsparks: should i use the 0.5.x branch then ?


not yet, i'm still fixing up some tests,


but i'd appreciate any comments, initial impressions


I also need to update the docs, which will be quite an overhaul - probably next week


use the 0.4.2 master for now, then upgrade to 0.5.x in about 2 weeks


it won't be a major amount of work, depending on how many endpoints you're creating


if there's anything you find to be an issue with 0.4.2, do let me know


great, i'll just carry on then simple_smile