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Vincent Cantin03:05:29

I don't like this Clojar policy because it implies that library authors depend on the ownership of a website or an account on Github and/or Gitlab. Website domain names can be lost for a few reasons, so does Github/Gitlab accounts. Technically, the best choice is to use the group-id provided by Clojar and linked to the Clojar account, but it is not very aesthetical.


yup that's exactly right @lee, we already had this happen with Daedalus, and we have some more unreleased libs that will have to get a com.lambdaisland prefix


are you changing the namespaces to include com or just the group id in the coordinate?


I don't object to the policy, they do provide multiple ways to establish identity, including clojars itself. I'm all for having globally unambiguous names, I just thought that "lambdaisland" would be unambiguous enough. But I don't feel special enough to ask for an exception.


only the group id, we also have clojure.core and not org.clojure.core


but this is a package name not an artifact group-id. you still can have package name provided by the package org.lambdaisland/foo for example


same as clojure.core provided by the package org.clojure/clojure


aren't we saying the exact same thing? We are not renaming our namespaces, only the artifact, so namespace in org.lambdaisland/foo, just like clojure.core in org.clojure/clojure?