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Due to Clojars policy changes we are no longer able to release new libraries under the lambdaisland/ organization, so we are going to start using com.lambdaisland going forward, starting with com.lambdaisland/dom-types ( The libraries that already have releases could continue using lambdaisland, but for consistency we'll probably start using com.lambdaisland everywhere. I think at some point I'll do a pass and re-release them all under the new org name.


Might be worth asking if a maven redirection can be set up. That should help maven realize they're the same library if both end up on the classpath together.


Unless you're going to change the namespaces too


Oh I didn't know that was a thing, that would indeed be supremely helpful


This will unfortunately cause some churn. We may be able to provide a script to help people migrate their deps.edn/project.clj files.


Some more releases

com.lambdaisland/glogi "1.0.112"
com.lambdaisland/kaocha-cljs "1.0.93"
Glögi is mainly housekeeping, kaocha-cljs fixes an issue where we weren't detecting the right file/line for certain errors. I also expanded the README to better explain when to choose kaocha-cljs and when to go for kaocha-cljs2


If you have a lot of projects that you need to check and potentially upgrade, then here's some sample code that you can adapt to do just that. This is what we are using to update stuff across our dozen+ libraries


@plexus Don't know if you are aware but just in case: bb now also comes with rewrite-clj :)