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Finally gave the Glögi README some love. It would be really great if we could get more adoption of this across libraries


because that way you could tune to log level per library or per namespace. I've been using this more and more across my projects and its really nice to be able to dial the verbosity up or down, and to be able to do so for a namespace or a subtree of namespaces.


Also added colorization. Not everyone has devtools (not everyone is on chrome) and this way you still get pretty EDN in your console


color of the namespace depends on the log level. this is running a re-frame fork where I've started converting its logging to glogi, so now I can turn on detailed logging of subscriptions and events when necessary


you can try it out off github. Gonna wait a bit before releasing the coloring stuff, might need to gel a bit just cut a release, lambdaisland.glogi "1.0-41"


I guess there's no #logging channel 🙂 not the most exciting topic but can make all the difference.


Would be cool to have a #observability channel if anyone else is interested. Logging, metrics, traces, alerting and honeycomb-style observability 🙂

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I think that's a great idea @hi895. I would at least lurk there from time to time.


Is there a place to announce new channels?


@hi895 I’d think it’d definitely be appropriate in #clojure. Perhaps #announcements, despite the channel topic: “Project / library announcements ONLY - use threaded replies for discussions. Do not cross post here from other channels.”


I think it's acceptable to put that in #announcements , but if you're not sure then ask in #community-development ... been a lot of social policing in there lately


thanks for asking 😉