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Hi, how often are day index logs from channels generated for clojurians-log app? The reason I ask is because there is some chat in shadow-cljs chat room from 5th March. So I wanted a permanent link to that discussion. But looking at the app’s index for shadow-cljs chat I don’t see the index for any chat from 2020-03-05. Sure enough, when I went into the latest logged chat, which was 2020-03-01 and then clicked on the “next” arrow I managed to get to the log for 2020-03-05.


Had a look around and I can see this: But that doesn’t explain why, for example there is a newer index for #announcements but there isn’t for #shadow-cljs.


To make it obvious, there is a index for 8th March for #announcements but the latest index for #shadow-cljs is still 1st March.


I’ll put this in an issue on GitHub.