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Geoffrey Gaillard10:07:04

Hi @plexus ! Just saw your last video about ClojureScript tests. Perfectly clear and really useful as always 🙂 I have a Re-Frame app and I was wondering if it would be possible to mount some Reagent components when running tests with doo. I'd like to code some tests on my GUI, add CSS and get a visual result. But it seems that karma is emptying the whole DOM after each run... Is there a way to automate GUI tests this way ?


If you want to do tests at that level you'll have to set up and render everything as part of the test. You could also use fixtures for this. I haven't actually tried it though so not sure what the challenges are.


For more full fledged UI testing I would probably use Sparkledriver. I hope to demonstrate that in a future episode.

Geoffrey Gaillard11:07:23

Fixtures might do the trick, I'll try. I'll also look at Sparkledriver ! Thank you !