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@mocker: I'd like to have personalized RSS feeds at some point that you can plug in to iTunes or similar. This wouldn't be too hard to do, I can get download links from Vimeo, but these links aren't secured. I'd prefer something with short-lived token-based links, so that's going to take some more work. It's not super high priority at the moment, but if enough people ask for it I can look into it more


just deployed the first major update in a while: change email, password, opt in/out of emails, password reset links


plus fixed a bug where logging in with a bad login or password would result in an ugly 500 page


episode on clojure.spec is in the making. Script is ready, will start recording now. It will hopefully be up some time tomorrow.


this one will be a freebie 🎉


meanwhile feedback is still very welcome. A few people told me the pacing on the early episodes was too fast, so I've paid more attention to that in the React episode.