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Hello @viebel thanks for all the work on klipse, its great. We are using klipse for our ClojureBridge workshop next weekend and all the exercises will be done using klipse (using the gitbook klipse plugin) -


@jr0cket At first glance, awesome material!


@jr0cket Spotted a bug. When you go to this page: and then press right arrow, the SVG errors


@borkdude I have noticed that issue, but hadnt done any testing. This helps validate when its happening. I though it was just due to a slow connection


It does seem to be the page causing the problems. If I go back to the previous page which worked initially, then that now fails too. I'll check the code


@viebel not sure why the svg graphics page is not loading after the hiccup page previously. Wonder if there is a time out, or unwanted interaction between hiccup & reagent libraries.


The svg page always loads correctly once I manually reload the browser page


Hmm, interesting. If i swap the order of the pages and put the svg page first, the html page fails (unless it has a manual refresh of the web page).


Both pages are using reagent as a hidden piece of code and work individually.


If I dont figure this out, I'll raise a ticket on the project and detail as much as I can as to what is going on


#error {:message "ERROR", :data {:tag :cljs/analysis-error}, :cause #object[Error Error: No protocol method ISwap.-swap! defined for type cljs.core/Atom: [object Object]]}