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Yehonathan Sharvit15:11:51

Hi @jr0cket from ClojureBridge London and @lanejo01 from ClojureBridge MN!

Joe Lane15:11:58

Nice to meet you @jr0cket


Hello @lanejo01 hope the ClojureBridge event went well.

Yehonathan Sharvit15:11:04

@jr0cket what are exactly ClojureBridge curriculum?


I started trying out Klipse as a way to reduce some of the issues we have with Clojure environments during ClojureBridge events

Joe Lane15:11:50

@jr0cket Its actually in 5 days. I'm not very good with a calendar haha.


The biggest challenge being that we have to update the documentation quite often as the tools change...


The ClojureBridge documentation tells you how to do things in a specific tool...


Then some people were getting issues with Lighttable, so the documentation was switched to Nightcode. Then Nightcode had a major update and worked very differently

Joe Lane15:11:52

And now nightcode doesn't really work at all on linux ( i found out last night from another volunteer ) so we were going to switch to atom


I suspect that the ClojureBridge documentation may get updated for NightLight, which is a better tool but different enought that it would need some updates to the docs


@lanejo01 NightCode was working okay last month on Linux (well Ubuntu). Have a look at as an alternative to switching to Atom.


However Atom & ProtoRepl is a nice combination as an editor.


We see Klipse as solving the problem of having to update the ClojureBridge docs & exercises (in the long term). Then students can choose their favourite editor once they have taken there first steps with Klipse


I am very impressed so far in what Klipse can do. So hope to push its use further.

Joe Lane15:11:57

Yaay Literate programming!

Joe Lane15:11:48

Alright friends, I gotta get back to my day job, however I'm really interested in this discussion. Thanks for introducing @jr0cket to me @viebel !

Yehonathan Sharvit15:11:52

Have a good day and afternoon guys (and evening for me)


Thanks @viebel . Just a crazy idea, but would it be possible to add some kind of auto-complete to klipse, so you can see the names of possible functions.

Yehonathan Sharvit16:11:56

That’s on my todo list