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Thanks, looking at it now.


Nice, so the link I was missing was the filter datasource, passing through its prev value from its params. I tried to do that part with direct access to the kv store in the real-stats datasource and couldn’t get it right.


I want a dataloader to run two ajax calls, and store result in a map under the target path: {:call1 […] :call2 […]}. But making the return of loader a map like this causes the internal promises not to be deref’d, is there a manual promesa function I can call on them, or is this part of the API that loader must return a top level ajax call?


^ignore the promise question, I took a look at promesa docs :p


You must define the data source even if it’s only a “pass through” resource. That way dataloader code can be much simpler - because dependencies between the datsources are explicit instead of depending on arbitrary data from app-db


@sooheon I’ve tried to install your app to check what’s going on with the routing, but I get some weird errors when I run boot dev


Ah sorry, I forgot I had some local dependencies! I’ll let you know when I’ve published them tomorrow.