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Noah Bogart21:06:17

I have a test that wraps all of the is calls in a doseq: (deftest example (let [items (set-up)] (doseq [item items] (is (= xyz (func item)))))). when I run the file, kaocha throws an error saying, "test ran without assertions". if I put in a dummy (is 1) before the doseq, kaocha stops failing the test. what's the best way to handle this?

Noah Bogart21:06:30

if this is a bug, I can open a github issue for it!


Is items empty?

Noah Bogart22:06:25

Hmm that’s a good point. I’ll check

Noah Bogart11:06:59

The collection is empty! Excellent observation. This has revealed a number of tests that “do nothing”.


nice catch!