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Hey team kaocha, I’m thinking of maybe working on My primary interest is cljdoc.edn files but think another candidate would help to flesh out the use case and thought of kaocha’s tests.edn. Any interest?

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I like kaocha and I also like cross-checking between my tools


Yeah, I love how kaocha runs my tests and I love how clj-kondo helps me to very quickly find the many typos I make. Both make me more productive!

oxalorg (Mitesh)08:02:23

This looks super interesting! I've been using clj-kondo a lot lately and really liking it and would love to help with this if possible! Any thoughts @U01FJUDL57C @U07FP7QJ0


Coolio @U013MQC5YKD, thanks for chiming in with kaocha team interest! Analyzing how we might check tests.edn will help flesh out the feature. I think I’ll proceed with analysis.