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oxalorg (Mitesh)12:01:54

Hey folks we're looking to replace hawk with beholder in Kaocha because hawk does not watch directories in m1 machines (see PR for more details) I have a PR here which adds beholder as an optional watcher alongisde hawk (configurable using :beholder), but maybe it makes more sense to replace it completely. There are no specific hooks or plugins which directly expose the hawk runner, so I think we should mostly be fine. Does anyone here have a specific use-case which might be affected if hawk gets replaced by beholder?


I suggest replacing hawk with beholder. As a precaution, you could provide an option to configure hawk as the watcher instead of beholder, but I think this would be a very niche case. Happy to test kaocha watch with beholder on my projects

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oxalorg (Mitesh)13:01:20

Thanks I did exactly as you said, made beholder the default watcher and made hawk configurable through option if someone needs it! 🙂

oxalorg (Mitesh)13:01:41

Also added a deprecation notice if it finds hawk or hawk-opts being used!


Excellent, thank you.

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Alys Brooks18:02:34

The only feature I' m aware of that Beholder lacks is the option to fall back to polling. Beholder seems to work better than Hawk, so there's hopefully no need for polling.