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hey folks, just got back from holidays. I'll try to give some input on the stuff that's been posted here. If you think something is an actual issue you can always file a GH issue, which is less likely to get lost.


> @richiardiandrea re. reporters: From what I can see only one is used anyway (which I guess makes sense), so why is it a list? They are all used, we compose them into a single reporter function which calls all the reporters.


> @stathissideris is there a way to make kaocha report the ex-data of exceptions? I have a few failures on function specs, but the output is not very helpful: A quick test suggests we do print these, which is what I would expect, so some more details about your setup would be helpful.

ERROR in demo.test/exception-in-is-test (test.clj:17)                                                      
Exception: clojure.lang.ExceptionInfo: oh no                                                               
{:some "data"}  

ERROR in demo.test/exception-outside-is-test (test.clj:20)
Uncaught exception, not in assertion.
Exception: clojure.lang.ExceptionInfo: oh no
{:some "data"}


@plexus thank you, I’ll go back and try to make it happen. It was specifically spec’ed functions with instrumentation turned on, so the exceptions were being thrown by clojure spec, not my code


ok yeah, that's an important detail. It would be really helpful if you would be able to make a small repo that reproduces the problem with instructions


> @andrea.crotti is there a way to capture all the logs as well the same way prints are captured? This output capturing stuff is tricky, what's probably happening is the logging library gets a reference to System/out before we manage to redefine it. What I've done in the past for stuff like this is implement a plugin which configures the logging sink.


> @imre one of my test namespaces started to fail to load due to an 'unable to resolve symbol' error, which did not result in an error, only the no tests found warning. are you on the latest version? this should result in a load error, but for a while didn't. This should be fixed though in 1.0.861.


hey, thanks for responding. Yes, we're on 1.0.861 and can still repro the behaviour. kaocha returns with 0 despite the load error, the only thing noticeable is the printed warning


I tried to create a minimal repro case but without success so far, I'll go back to the original project where we came across this later sometime