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Kaocha stopped working for no obvious reason. No error, just stuck:

% ./scripts/        
… and then nothing. Process does not terminate. With no tests, kaocha terminates but with even the most trivial test:
(deftest simple
  (testing "never fails"
    (is true)))
it gets stuck. Same if I let the test fail (is false). Any ideas what is happening here. Did work flawlessly before.


This is my

#!/usr/bin/env bash
clojure -A:test "$@"


Typing ctr-c in terminal terminates kaocha and prints the expected result.


Have not found anything that allows verbose output.


My tests.edn is this:

;; tests.edn
    {:tests [{:id                             :unit-cljs
              :type                           :kaocha.type/cljs
              :src-paths                      ["src/main"]
              :test-paths                     ["src/test"]
              :ns-patterns                    ["-test$"]}]}


Could you, once it has gotten stuck - use jcmd to find the process id of the kaocha process - use jstack to get the stack traces of that process - share those (via ? That way we can see exactly where it's stuck.


please also share your deps.edn so we get the exact version you're using.


and if you could then put all of the above into that would be 🙏:skin-tone-2: 🙏:skin-tone-2: 🙏:skin-tone-2: thanks2 🎉


it's probably also a good idea to add :capture-output? false to your tests.edn, to make sure there aren't any warnings or other relevant output that's getting hidden.


You could also use :reporter to get more verbose output, not sure how much that will tell us but it can't hurt.


Thanks @U07FP7QJ0, I will try later and let you know. If it still persists I’ll open an issue. Still have the feeling that it is something stupid on my side that I don’t see yet 😉


Okay, I found the troublemaker… I recently added some code to collect runtime stats in my re-frame based react native app with something like:

(defonce stats (atom {:counter 0}))

(defonce condition-eval-stats-timer
         (js/setInterval (fn []
                           (swap! stats update :counter inc))
When removing the js/setInverval kaocha behaves as expected. When isolating the problem in a minimal project I get this error after a while:
% ./bin/kaocha 
WARNING: When invoking clojure.main, use -M
Randomized with --seed 1001458186

ERROR in unit-cljs (
Unexpected error executing kaocha-cljs test suite.
Exception: clojure.lang.ExceptionInfo: Failed cleaning up ClojureScript runtime
{:cljs/last-val "nil", :ws/disconnected? true, :ws/connected? false}
 at kaocha.type.cljs$eval6734$fn__6736$fn__6758.invoke (cljs.clj:302)
    kaocha.type.cljs$queue_consumer.invokeStatic (cljs.clj:181)
    kaocha.type.cljs$queue_consumer.invoke (cljs.clj:173)
    kaocha.type.cljs$eval6734$fn__6736.invoke (cljs.clj:298)
    kaocha.plugin.capture_output$capture_output_wrap_run_hook$fn__2618$fn__2619.invoke (capture_output.clj:83)
    kaocha.plugin.capture_output$capture_output_wrap_run_hook$fn__2618.doInvoke (capture_output.clj:83)
    kaocha.testable$run.invokeStatic (testable.clj:128)
    kaocha.testable$run.invoke (testable.clj:119)
    kaocha.testable$run_testable.invokeStatic (testable.clj:212)
    kaocha.testable$run_testable.invoke (testable.clj:157)
    kaocha.testable$run_testables.invokeStatic (testable.clj:225)
    kaocha.testable$run_testables.invoke (testable.clj:215)
    kaocha.api$run$fn__3124$fn__3125$fn__3126.invoke (api.clj:137)
    kaocha.api$run$fn__3124$fn__3125.invoke (api.clj:111)
    kaocha.api$run$fn__3124.invoke (api.clj:110)
    kaocha.api$run.invokeStatic (api.clj:96)
    kaocha.api$run.invoke (api.clj:83)
    kaocha.runner$run.invokeStatic (runner.clj:133)
    kaocha.runner$run.invoke (runner.clj:74)
    kaocha.runner$_main_STAR_.invokeStatic (runner.clj:172)
    kaocha.runner$_main_STAR_.doInvoke (runner.clj:145)
    kaocha.runner$_main.invokeStatic (runner.clj:183)
    kaocha.runner$_main.doInvoke (runner.clj:181)
0 tests, 1 assertions, 1 errors, 0 failures.
If opening an issue is still worth doing, please let me know and I will do so.


Ok I missed that this is a kaocha-cljs issue, please mention that LOUD AND CLEAR next time, that's a completely different ball game than just plain kaocha


Okay. I promise. But is that behaviour expected or a bug? Should I raise an issue or not?


When happens when you eval that code in a vanilla cljs repl?


hmm seems to work fine, yeah please file an issue. You can find information in the kaocha-cljs repo for getting verbose output from kaocha-cljs


I'm not sure we'll be able to do much about it, or if we'll even be able to really tell where it's going wrong. Kaocha-cljs is quite hard to troubleshoot. Kaocha-cljs2 is easier to pick apart but it's more work to put set up.


but I'd still be interested to see your output with kaocha-cljs debugging turned on. Also please read the information in the kaocha-cljs README. kaocha-cljs works with a ClojureScript (p)repl under the hood, which is where most of its limitations stem from.