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@richiardiandrea we need to load all namespaces to know which tests have which metadata, not much to be done about that. You can use a hook/plugin if you want to add some heuristics.


probably the best is then to move them to another folder outside the classpath and include via deps.edn


You may then also have to turn off kaocha's classpath handling, or it will try to add any test-paths to the classpath itself


I have noticed that yes, it still loads everything, even with test-paths ["test/database"] - am I missing some configuration?


yes, I thought we had documented this but apparently it's only mentioned in the CHANGELOG. I added a section to the docs:


checking thank you!


@twashing I commented on the issue. There's a lot of fine print to be aware of when dealing with npm/js dependencies in clojurescript.


Hey @U07FP7QJ0 Thanks for responding. I’m responding to your feedback on the GH thread.


Essentially, how do we use deps.edn + clojurescript, to include npm dependencies?

Jakub Holý (HolyJak)12:02:44

Hello! I need to know which of my tests take so much time. How to do that? Is there some reporter/option for printing durations of each tests or something? Thank you!


Does anyone use kaocha-cljs with cljs.repl.browser/repl-env in a CircleCI machine executor? Using the /usr/bin/google-chrome-stable --no-first-run trick from the README, it works in a docker executor, but on an ubuntu machine executor it fails to connect.