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What are the benefits of kaocha over eftest??


Depends what your needs are. If eftest is good enough for you then maybe that's fine. Kaocha is a much more general and extensible test runner. It can run many types of test (not just clojure.test), has an ecosystem of plugins, flexible filtering, CI integration through junit.xml etc.


whereas eftest iirc has parallelized tests, that's something Kaocha hasn't gotten to yet


and koacha2 is going to work on CLJS (advanced), so suitable for .cljc projects, whereas eftest is clj only?


yeah that's what I mean with "not just clojure.test", it does clojurescript, also cucumber. It kinda does midje but not very well...


ah, CLJS also has the clojure.test namespace, so I didn't get that.


right, although it's actually an alias for cljs.test... kind of confusing, but yeah the default kaocha clojure test suite type is :kaocha.type/clojure.test to distinguish it from non-clojure.test CLJ test types


although the trend there is for these to be clojure.test compatible (fudje, the "new" expectations), which makes our lives easier but can lead to further confusion


Thanks @plexus @borkdude it helped


@cksharma122 I started using kaocha as it also has plugins to run generative tests, i.e clojure.spec as well as unit tests. It also supports generating junit XML to use with CI dashboards and electronic wallboard.


just put out a new release, not much to be seen. It adds a :debug plugin in case you really need to see what's going on under the hood, and it fixes a small issue in the filtering plugin so this works (kaocha.repl/run {:kaocha.filter/skip [:unit]}) (that is to say, this will completely skip loading the :unit suite, before it would skip running it, but it would still load it)


also did some tweaks to the docs, seems we had a few plugins that weren't mentioned yet in the plugin docs (orchestra, preloads)

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> has plugins to run generative tests that's on my todo list to split off into its own repo/artifact, and to have a better look at it. It's contributed code that I'm not very familiar with. Just a heads up.


the kaocha.plugin.alpha/spec-test-check plugin supports my simple use of generative tests. Any improvments are always welcome. I've also used it with the kaocha orb on CircleCI without issue so far. Happy to test any updates and report back.