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Okay spent a bit more time reading Chui and Kaocha-cljs2. It looks like the shadow configs assume access to the dom and that they will run in the dom. This causes our tests to fail because obviously node’s encryption lib doesn’t exist in the browser and Chui wants to run that test in the browser.


Starting up a seperate node process that has the chui preload doesn’t really do anything AFAICT


and so I am guessing my misunderstanding is how Chui plays into the bigger picture.


Kaocha-cljs2 is still pre-alpha, not everything is there yet. What's mostly working is shadow+browser, and working but not documented and requiring a cljs patch is vanilla cljs+node. The shadow-runner ns needs work to detect if it's running on node.


So prepare to do a lot of legwork if you already want to use it. Still several known issues. Failing assertions don't have correct file/line numbers. Watch mode doesn't play nice with kaocha-cljs2 yet. The good news is that all the major pieces are there and we can start improving things incrementally, which means it's a really great time to jump in an become a contributor.


I'll try to put some time into docs and issues so we have more of a roadmap, I think that makes sense at this point. @wxitb2017 has already opened some issues and pull requests which is really appreciated.


Some good news on the cljs front though, I got some feedback on my patch and it seems with a little work it should be possible to get that in soonish.


I would love to at least push forward the node+shadow portion of this because it will directly benefit me at work so being a bit selfish there 😄. But sure I can definitely give extending or fixing some small bugs a shot


The shadow-runner namespace really just needs some ifs to not render the ui when there is no dom. I think that's all that's needed, should be a small fix.