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Hello, I am Riya and a RGsoc aspirant. I am interested in this project and would like to contribute. I know the basics of clojure and want to learn further. Can you please help me with the installation and configuration of Kaocha. And I look forward to further guidance as well:slightly_smiling_face:.


hi @rmailbox1004, welcome to Kaocha! Good luck with your application!


You will need Java and the Clojure CLI installed, this guide has more information. You don't need Leiningen!


Assuming you have git installed, you can then clone the kaocha repo: git clone


if all went well you should now be able to run the tests:

cd kaocha
bin/kaocha unit


Thank you @plexus . I use Linux platform and already have Java ,git and Clojure CLI installed in my system. I will follow your instructions for installing kaocha. Looking forward to your further guidance 🙂


yeah grab the source and see if you can run the tests, that way we know your Java/Clojure setup is all ok. After that we should make sure you have an editor with a working integrated REPL. See this article about why that's so important most major editors have some workable Clojure integration these days, so it doesn't matter too much what you're using. Emacs and Cursive (IntelliJ) are popular in the Clojure community. VS Code, Atom, Vim can all be made to work as well. If you get that far then I would suggest you start reading the docs. Especially this part about extending is interesting because it explains some of the implementation details, but it might be good to just start at the beginning to get a good overview


I am using VS code as my editor and REPL is working fine with it. I will read the source and try running some tests.


Thank you for the support 🙂


awesome! you can also have a look at the github issues, if there is a particular issue that seems like it could be a good issue for you then comment on it and I will provide as much detail as possible to help you figure it out


Ok thank you


Will do as soon as possible