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@delaguardo you didn't mention you were using custom compiler options and precompile? true. You're pretty much on your own in that case. Taking those lines out of your tests.edn your suite runs fine over here.


dev@autopair:~/kaocha-cljs-problem$ npm install ws
npm WARN [email protected] No description

+ [email protected]
added 1 package from 1 contributor and audited 1 package in 0.966s
found 0 vulnerabilities

dev@autopair:~/kaocha-cljs-problem$ bin/kaocha 
1 tests, 1 assertions, 0 failures.

delaguardo09:01:17 right, now it is working in GH action but on my mac I’m still getting “client failed connecting back” exception


is anyone here succesfuly using kaocha-cljs + node on mac? (looking for some data points)


managed to get an os x vm running 😎 , after a brew install clojure / brew install node / npm install ws it does seem like kaocha-cljs is working, so it's not a blanket os x issue


While CLI still throws different kinds of error


Looks like I'll end up developing inside Docker container instead 😁


one addition - I’m using nvm to manage multiple node versions on one system

Felipe Cortez21:01:03

I'm trying to set up lein + cljs + kaocha. when I run bin/kaocha, no test is found. I've added a kaocha profile and my tests are in the source-paths. kaocha.repl/test-plan outputs this:

 ({:kaocha.test-plan/tests (),
   :kaocha.plugin.randomize/sort-key 138441634,
   :kaocha/test-paths ["test/cljs"],
   :kaocha/ns-patterns [".*"],
   :kaocha.filter/focus-meta #{},
   :kaocha.filter/skip-meta [:kaocha/skip],
   :kaocha.testable/type :kaocha.type/clojure.test,
   :kaocha/source-paths ["src"],
   :kaocha.testable/desc "unit-cljs (clojure.test)",
   :kaocha.testable/id :unit-cljs}),
 :kaocha/fail-fast? false,
 :kaocha.filter/focus-meta #{},
 :kaocha/color? true,
 :kaocha/cli-options {:config-file "tests.edn"},
 :kaocha.plugin.randomize/seed 807058495,
 :kaocha.plugin.randomize/randomize? true,
 :kaocha.plugin.capture-output/capture-output? true,
 :kaocha/reporter []}
does anyone have any pointer?