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How do I know which ones?


I’ve added the ns as you specified and it picks up that a file has changed in my script directory but those changes are not propagated to the tests (eg. if I break a fn it won’t fail the test). My setup is: - test dir, src dir works well and as they should - script dir added both in project.clj test profiles to source-paths and in tests.edn - Running kaocha with leiningen - Restarting the test or running the test once will pick up changes, using watch will not - MacOS - [lambdaisland/kaocha "0.0-541"]


what kind of files are under script? are those regular namespaces?


Scripting stuff, but yeah, regular namespaces


a repro repo would be very helpful...


Yeah for sure. This week I’m pretty swamped now but I’ll try to put it together next week. And then attach it to an issue in the kaocha repo?


yeah that'd be great, or just DM me with the link and I'll have a look




Appreciate the work on kaocha, definitely took Clojure testing to the next level 👏


that's really good to hear 🙂


Hey! I'm trying to clear out some WARNINGS from our build, specifically:

clojure -A:test -m kaocha.runner unit
WARNING: reader-conditional already refers to: #'clojure.core/reader-conditional in namespace:, being replaced by: #'
WARNING: tagged-literal already refers to: #'clojure.core/tagged-literal in namespace:, being replaced by: #'
I've isolated the culprit dependency:
clj -A:dev:test -Stree | grep -C 15 ''
lambdaisland/kaocha 0.0-554
  lambdaisland/deep-diff 0.0-47
    mvxcvi/puget 1.1.2
    fipp/fipp 0.6.17
    mvxcvi/arrangement 1.2.0
    org.clojure/core.rrb-vector 0.0.14
    tech.droit/clj-diff 1.0.1
  slingshot/slingshot 0.12.2
  aero/aero 1.1.3
  lambdaisland/tools.namespace 0.0-234
    org.clojure/java.classpath 0.3.0
    org.clojure/tools.reader 1.3.2 <=================
But investigating further, tools.reader 1.3.2 includes the upstream fix for these warnings: So I'm not sure why I am seeing these warnings at all... anyone able to point me in a direction for resolving this? We are on Clojure 1.10.0-RC5, if that makes a difference (I quickly tried an upgrade to 1.10.1 and the issue did not resolve).


The Clojure version shouldn't matter... I've seen the same problem many times, but never had the time to investigate


Currently investigating in #tools-deps , looks like it's a cloverage issue


Heh, nice. I figured out that some dep must contain extra copy of tools.reader but didn't immediately think of cloverage.


Hah, interesting. Thanks for investigating! I've seen those before but never cared enough to investigate.


I just want a warning free REPL :(


You and me both buddy both sometimes you pick your battles


Put an issue on github, add what you found out if anything. I'm sure we can get this fixed.