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@pfeodrippe you'll have to provide some more information... what does your code look like? where is the Exception happening? what output do you get? I would also recommend running with --no-capture-output first to make sure there's nothing being hidden that can give you more information


Hey, trying out kaocha for this first time and really enjoying the experience. Thanks for all the hard work!


@plexus I'm using pedestal api and lacinia with response-for, but the point is that the prints (done at is level and at interceptor code level) are not appearing when the test fails. I'm using --no-capture-output and it's showing me everything. I was hacking your library locally and it appears that it was not using the library at all in my tests... I'll try to check more info from here, but I guess this is all I have for now


For an example, this test is not printing anything

(deftest assss
  (is (= 0 (do (println 3434) 1))))


I'm trying to get more info here about this error in my project, don't worry about it now @plexus o/ thanks!


@plexus I got an error when using Kaocha and having an assert using a Record (in this case one from the funcool/cats library but looking at the error seems a problem with any record. I have a repro on


@plexus Problem fixed! We are using io.aviso.logging.setup in our log ns. For testing we do not require it anymore and kaocha is working correctly now 😃, thanks! Maybe we should warn somewhere at kaocha docs about it?