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A new release is out with the new ^:kaocha/pending feature, and with a new "hooks" plugin. This provides a more lightweight alternative to writing full plugins, you simply point at a function that should be used as a hook.


so this thing ^^^ is now implemented, you just need to enable the :kaocha.plugin/hooks plugin. Do note that as with hooks inside plugins, these functions need to return their first argument (possibly updated), so if e.g. you want to run (st/instrument) you have to write a wrapper function that calls instrument and then returns its argument.


Hi! Thanks for Kaocha, it’s very friendly and finally our Travis CI logs make sense :slightly_smiling_face:


I was looking at Kaocha-cljs, but I’d like to integrate it with shadow-cljs somehow, to run node unit tests. Currently shadow has its own test runner, which looks like this:


The main difference is that shadow runs the tests always in a CLJS mode, so things like pretty-printing diffs etc have to be CLJS compatible… which I’m not sure Kaocha handles? It looks like it reports the test results via a websocket somehow?


Hi @orestis, would you mind copying what you wrote here into an issue on the kaocha-cljs repo? I'm really unfamiliar with shadow-cljs, so this is going to take some figuring out to see what is possible.


For sure! I’ll also ping the maintainer of shadow-cljs just in case he’s interested in this. Thanks again :slightly_smiling_face: