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Seems like the page is broken.

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Thanks for flagging! We are on the process of killing/reworking a few pages :)


I’m having a bit of trouble finding a parse function in juxt/tick I have a date string like this. “`20091127"` which I want to convert into a proper date.


Looking for the equivalent of this from clj-time

(f/parse custom-formatter "20100311")
=> #<DateTime 2010-03-11T00:00:00.000Z>


Hey there, internally we use an interface IParseable which just uses a regex to split up the string and pass the ints to the relevant constructors ( We don't provide a method to create a IParseable instance from a string, so i think the easiest way to read that string in is splice in dashes at the relevant points and then just pass it to tick/parse. There's a parser in there yy yy-mm-dd which is basically what you need.