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yeah, well we don't run tests in parallel, the only case we have where we would override a test config value are things like feature flags, since it might be useful to write a test for a feature flag that's disabled by default


and in that case we have a macro like (with-config-override {:value 100}..) for example that does the bit of with-redefs magic

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What are you gaining by doing that approach?


just simpler and you don't have to pass around config everywhere, which specially in the projects not using anything like component and integrant can get annoying


but well there are really just 2-3 tests doing that, and normally temporary until the feature flag is not turned on in prod


Hi all, hope this is an ok place to ask questions about juxt/tick. Just curious, the two things I've needed so far out of java.time that haven't been covered by tick is parsing strings into dates with a custom java.time.format.DateTimeFormatter and parsing Durations from strings, ie (Duration/parse "P1D") Might this stuff ever be covered by tick? Are there cross-platform considerations that make this hard (I've been firmly in java-land)