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googled bidi to find the github page : found this as the first result : Bidi Meaning - (in South Asia) a type of cheap cigarette made of unprocessed tobacco wrapped in leaves. Was this the inspiration behind naming the library 😛


bi-directional 🙂


bidi came out of frustration with compojure not supporting url generation


I'm trying to use Sente with Yada. Its Aleph adapter returns {:body s} where s is Manifold's SplicedStream or {:status 403, :body "error msg"} when there's some error (e.g. CSRF token mismatch). As far as I can tell, Aleph serves this Manifold's stream as-is whereas Yada tries to serialize it (in my case to Transit since I've specified {:produces "application/transit+json"}). How do I avoid such serialization? How would you go about a case when all you can produce in a handler is some stream?


Digging deeper. The returned steam is an instance of IEventSource, and calling to-body on it calls render-seq which depends on the selected representation. And the example at edge/phonebook/graphql.clj does an interesting thing. It also specifies :produces but instead of returning a body, it loops in the executor on new messages until the stream is closed. I know you said that the phonebook examples are outdated but they are the only ones that have websockets example.