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Hey. I'm getting around to learning how Edge works, and I noticed that you took a look at shadow-cljs in Kick but disabled it since it conflicts with fighweel: But isn't shadow-cljs supposed to replace figwheel completely? Why use them together at all?


I'd ask directly at the juxt/kick.alpha repo but the issues are disabled there.


Oh I guess it's because of a fork


I think we were trying to use them together in a project for unrelated but colocated builds. We are now not using shadow at all, and haven't really invested the time to ensure it works as expected. Totally open to having shadow support enabled again.


I see, thanks. I'll see what I can make here, maybe even something worth sharing. BTW how do you find NPM support in figwheel-main?


There's nothing special in Figwheel, but what clojurescript offers in core has been fine for us. We don't use a lot of npm in our projects though.


Ah, gotcha. I started to use shadow-cljs specifically because it has much nicer support for NPM in my opinion, had zero issues with it.