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Kovas Palunas18:01:11

Hey, totally new to joker, curious if there is a function that parses a directory tree into something like a bunch of nested maps


@U02KJ2MN5NU (joker.filepath/file-seq …)

Kovas Palunas21:01:23

thanks! exactly what i'm looking for

Kovas Palunas21:01:04

are there some example joker scripts somewhere I could look at to learn some common practices?

Kovas Palunas21:01:25

great! one last thing: is there support for joker in clojure-lsp or a similar autocomplete provider?

Kovas Palunas21:01:43

i'm using vim FWIW


Not that I am aware of

Kovas Palunas21:01:01

ok, thanks for the help!