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Ben yjz02:08:32

I am looking at walk.. do the paths follow clojure core or its custom?


it’s a port of Clojure implementation minus things that Joker doesn’t support (like records)

Ben yjz02:08:28

i.e. if I want to compare joke implementation with clojure

Ben yjz04:08:35

how can I write to a file? I only see open in io namespace

Ben yjz04:08:44

I guess just use spit and slurp


yes, spit and slurp, and, if needed, joker.os/open and joker.os/create

Ben yjz05:08:05

trying with io with this.

=> (spit "foo.txt" "bar")
=> ( (joker.os/open "foo.txt") (joker.os/create "bar.txt"))

Ben yjz05:08:26

it writes 0 bytes


the arguments are swapped. The first arg is destination, the second is source: ( (joker.os/create "bar.txt") (joker.os/open "foo.txt"))

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Does joker support go interop? Such as calling go code from joker or vice versa


Dang it, It would be really cool to have a similar interop into go for use of their huge ecosystem of libraries.

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Working on it sporadically; check out my gostd fork/branch.

Ben yjz03:08:58

quick start didnt work for me, filed an issue

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