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I've been working with edn in golang and wondering about several things. if there is golang based webserver one could combine golang in backend with clojurescript in frontend. I don't know if it makes sense but could parts of joker be used instead of this encoder eg still trying to grog the internals of clojure datastructures, but can't say I made much headway. probably will need a use-case to be able to afford more time. I think transport of edn data in golang to javascript could have a lot of benefits over json


Joker doesn't actually have a proper EDN parser. It can only parse Clojure, which is not exactly the same as EDN. I think you'd be better off using a specialized library.


thanks. I assume it would do much for what joker is aimed at to have that separate? since clojure is superset of EDN? a big part of clojure breakthrough was JVM, but it seems landscape now is very different i.e. we have golang, WASM, etc


@U04V15CAJ many thanks for that link


there simply has not been a need for special edn parser in Joker as (read-string) seems to be sufficient.