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Some “fun” news on`gostd` • I pushed some significant changes a week or so ago -- but there’s much to be done, and I’m rethinking how to do that to make (at least portions of) it more palatable for eventual incorporation into official Joker • Last night, I used it to send my first email (via SMTP) -- an entirely empty one, though -- via Joker, as described in`` • It’s looking more and more like this fork has exposed some kind of race condition, perhaps? So, while it’s hardly ready for “prime time” and is likely to undergo some substantial changes to its public-facing functionality, it’s still kinda percolating along, and bearing at least a little fruit.

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is there anything like clojure.main/demunge in joker?


what I want is to have a function (not a macro!) that receive a function object and possibly return that object's symbol. Eg (find-the-sym +) => joker.core/+


(Okay, it’s pretty freaky watching someone else’s comments get added and deleted LIVE while looking at my Slack window!! I know Slack supports deletion, just hadn’t seen it happen like that before. 😲)


I typed this:

(defn resolved-name [sym]
  (when-let [res (resolve sym)]
    (let [m (meta res)]
      (symbol (str (ns-name (:ns m))) (str (:name m))))))

user=> (resolved-name '+)
but then removed it as I realized this is not the same as passing the function object.


and btw, I realize this is much easier:

user=> `+


Yeah, I saw it and it was a good attempt, and I understood why you removed it. It was a new experience to me (in a chat channel, versus a shared doc being edited) watching it un-render itself.


Anyway, Fn in Joker has a MetaHolder field, but it’s typically nil. One must have the (var …) for it to get at the actual metadata. I don’t know offhand whether it’s feasible for Joker to put something helpful in the Fn.MetaHolder field, nor what exactly Clojure is doing here.


One of the changes I made, to support faster initialization, was to “decorate” built-in (`Proc`) functions so they show their own names. E.g.:

user=> cons


(It used to return just #object[Proc].)


Possibly Joker could, a la Clojure, return more info than just #object[Fn] when stringizing a function. From there, a joker.repl/demunge function might be worth creating? Not sure offhand re the use cases for any of this though…maybe someone could Issue this and explain?


I know one use case in clojure spec where they try to reverse engineer a printed spec message from a function name. Let me look it up.

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but I would say that is not a public Clojure API


Not in and of itself, and Joker doesn’t (yet) support Spec, but isn’t Specize ’s Object (which calls fn-sym) public?


yes, but their implementation is probably relying on something that the community should not use - maybe. worth asking in #clojure

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btw, I have a version of spec that runs with babashka. it is .cljc. I'm open to receiving PRs to make it compatible with joker via a :joker conditional.

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