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if I wanted to build a joker app and call it from go, have to go through the OS? as I understand there is no interop

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Joker is not yet embeddable.


played around a bit, built a small web client. all worked great.. impressive. wondering also what are advantages and potential of leveraging go's build system and tooling (which I much prefer over JVM, Maven etc)

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But you don't; you don't and can't write any Go when using Joker, and so there's no build system or tools, just the Joker executable. Joker can dynamically download (and cache) Joker scripts from the internet, that's as close as you get to a build tool.

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You only write Go code when adding new features to Joker itself (that can't be implemented in the Joker language).

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I see. that's I assume also a question of scope and ambition of the project? Clojure succeeded in no small part due to interop to JVM. so I was more speculating about the general possibilities here. the readme states "there is a lot of Clojure features that Joker doesn't and will never have." what about reverse case of Joker having features that Clojure does not?

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