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Ruslan Sabitov21:04:16

Attention, esteemed intergalactic Clojure Developers! 15SOF is currently scanning the vast expanse of the cosmos for an exceptional Senior Clojure Developer capable of delving into the intricate source code of our colossal interstellar spacecraft. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to investigate and resolve the perplexing CPU overload afflicting our time-space warper, which has led to critical scaling issues throughout the vessel. Join our crew of elite space-developers in this high-stakes quest to maintain the delicate balance of our galaxy-hopping journey! Please DM me using quantum entanglement encryption only. :-)

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Location? Remote?


Maybe repost it in #C06B40HMY along with any constraints on exactly how remote folks can be...

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says intergalactic, seems like that covers the remote part

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@UEG9BS9EX 😂 Well done. I mean well written. Good luck on the search. But confident you find a good lieutenant quicky to join your vessel!

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Martynas Maciulevičius05:04:34

He said intergalactic but didn't mention another dimension. So probably it's actually not that remote.

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