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Al Baker15:03:10

Hey folks -- going into this summer, I'll be hiring again for the solution architecture team at Stardog. We've hired several fellow clojurians join us over the years. My team helps folks get started and build their first system with Stardog, which is an enterprise knowledge graph platform (it can store graph data, turn over things into graphs, etc). We use clojure for various clients, and internal tools, and there are language bindings (stardog-clj). This year is going to be all about accelerating knowledge graphs as a way to better connect and unify data in large scale systems (think datalakes), with a focus on Stardog + Spark. More examples, spark jobs for various things, front-end tutorials, and the like. In many cases, these should be written in clojure, though there'll likely be some java and python along the way. Remote first, competitive comp, and I will likely have multiple openings, including in the US & EU. If you like the entity-attribute-value and datalog stories in the clojure community, I'd encourage you to check out Stardog and what we're doing with graph, logical inference, etc. Feel free to ping me 1 on 1.

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I’ve used Stardog at a previous employer, glad you guys are growing 🙂