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Józef Wojtkowiak10:03:12

[HIRING][Zurich, Switzerland, Clojure, Onsite] 🏢 AgentSelly AG, based in Zurich :flag-ch: is looking for a Head of Engineering / CTO (you have to speak German) ⚙️ Tech stack: Clojure, Backend, CSS, Cypress, Elm, Frontend, Heroku 💰 110’000 - 140’000 CHF / year 📝 More details and option to apply:


Hi all! We are looking for Clojure fullstack developers. Remote is OK, but from timezones close to Helsinki, Finland :flag-fi:. It’s a great team, mainly senior developers. Zero churn in tech team (knock on wood). Our product is a graph-based search engine for patent data. Core technology underneath is some custom deep learning, opportunities to work also with that. DM for more info.

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