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reposting - Yapster is still hiring - We're looking for an experienced UK-based clojure/script developer to help us on our app and performance communications module. We’re a small team that follow a style product development process with a big emphasis on asynchrony, written communication, individual freedom, and clear accountability, responsibility, and ownership. We don’t hire based on a checklist of qualifications, CV buzzwords, or required years of experience—only a shared set of values and the right foundational skills and mindset. If you think of yourself as a then we’d be a great fit for each other 😁 Any questions - ask myself, the CTO, or @ah45 , our Head of Product The job posting is also up over at Functional Works:

Uliana Fik17:03:06

Hey Clojurians!🙂 is a software development outsourcing and consulting company, and we are looking for a to join a development team for our USA client. Their product is an AWS hosted platform for the healthcare services, written in Clojure/Python language stack. The product encompasses a few applications for customer journeys (web, mobile). The product’s domain is Healthcare, hence all the compliances and accent on security and high-performance. 👉Apply by emailing us at <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]>.

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(I am not the contact for this position; reach out to the company with any questions) Fully remote in the US Salary: 200,000 - 240,000 This role is open to h1b sponsorship [REMOTE] :flag-us: Principal Clojure Engineer - US Remote

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