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Kieren Dilworth10:11:42

Hey Guys and Girls, I am very new to Slack and do not massively know what I am doing and am not a Software Development guru but someone who has a really keen interest in Functional Programming because I support companies in finding people in these areas. If anyone in this channel would be interested in hearing about a Clojure Developer position working for a Deep Tech company in Germany, feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn ( or pop me an email at <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]> and I would be more than happy to send over the full details of the position to you. Thank you!

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Jivago Alves10:11:42

@U02LSF9D248 You might want to post in #jobs channel in . People interested in Clojure are more active over there.

Kieren Dilworth10:11:29

Thank you very much for this Jivago! Really appreciate it 🙂


@UHQ12T97F Isn't that where we are right now? :thinking_face:

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Jivago Alves12:11:32

Sorry, I thought I was in slack. Please disregard.

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