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Hey Clojurians!!! 👋 Looking for a fully remote EU Based :flag-eu: Full Stack Clojure freelancer for an exciting long term contract with leading EU fintech working on a super cool Risk Management CRM. Role is fully remote for a number of years with flexibility on hours. Team is distributed across EU and super friendly and easy to work with. Stack: Clojure, ClojureScript, AWS Lambda/Serverless, Docker, Postgres, Ansible, Jenkins [Some DevOps tasks if wanted can be done] Ping me if interested for more details 🙂 Must be located in EU :flag-eu:

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Jeff Lord16:10:27

Hey everyone! Banzai is building a new generation of financial literacy tools and scaling it to millions of users. We are seeking a Senior Software Engineer - Clojure to help develop new, as well as improve upon, Banzai's ecosystem which delivers financial education to people around the U.S. via sponsors of all kinds. Banzai is also building a new educational program for small- to mid-sized businesses. This new application is being built atop Polylith, a monolith architecture that supports arbitrary build targets, and a custom in-house built, server-rendered, HTML-over-the-wire, web framework. Our goal is to create an app with the speed of an SPA, with the fun and innovation of an all-Clojure codebase. Here's more info on the role and how to apply!

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us only or are you open to EU and other regions ?

Jeff Lord18:10:06

We'd prefer US to avoid time differences as much as possible