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Christian Pekeler11:09:05

At Red Sky Foods, we’re starting to look for our second hire. We’re a very early stage venture-backed startup focussed on supplying ingredients to food manufacturers, likely with a freight-forwarding component. We’re setting up a colocated engineering team in Berlin, Germany, so you should be located and allowed to work in Berlin, and have at least 6 months of full-stack Clojure(Script) experience. 👉 <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]>

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Good morning, everyone! I'm CTO of Learnics (, a fairly new EdTech startup. We have just received a second round of National Science Foundation (NSF) funding! 🎆 🎉 We're looking to help students use the web effectively, by helping them and their teachers get statistics on their web usage. For example, did the entire class use Wikipedia? How much time did they spend, on average, on the Wikipedia page? We have hundreds of users, and everyone is telling us how valuable they are finding our product. Salary is ~$75k/yr USD, PTO negotiable. Must be U.S.-based, due to National Science Foundation (NSF) requirements. You can DM me directly. EST preferred, bonus points for Philadelphia area. NOTE: The job listing says Node.js / Vue / Javascript, but your job will be to convert as much as possible to Clojure(Script). 😄

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