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Still looking for one more senior Clojure dev to join Fluent this year! Fluent is a co-creation and collaboration workspace startup based in Stockholm Sweden, but we're 100% remote-first. Good salary & equity opportunity & benefits, working #AMP and implementing Shape Up, but most important of all we offer a stellar team as your colleagues, and a truly rad product and vision with some fun & impressive technical challenges ahead. We're focusing on European timezones (or nearby), but if we find great people that will never stop us. Join our small team and make a difference!

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What's Shape Up? First time I've come across that term

dominicm21:09:26 it's a project management methodology.


Thx Dominic :)


Still looking for a real superstar 👀 Btw we had a super nice blurb about the position in the recent Clojure Morsels newsletter, which also got an unusually high amount of clicks! So that was fun :star-struck:


I'm a lead Java Dev looking to break into Clojure. I have limited Clojure exposure though, I created a backend service with it about two years ago using lein, reitit, monger and other stuff: Any companies looking for an experienced dev that is a fast learner? I'm based in the UK


and checkout #clojure-uk as well, there is a very recent post there as well

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@UQXS91RT7 please do apply to Polecat if you're interested. We're open to fast learners 🙂 The link again for convenience:


Hello 👋:skin-tone-2: I shared this a few weeks back but recently updated the job description to have a little more content on the day to day here. We are open right now to anyone in the US. Feel free to reach out with questions 🤓

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