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Greetings! We are a startup in Berlin/Brandenburg currently looking for a fullstack/frontend developer. Have a look at our offer (more details to be discussed by contact) if you are interested!

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Scott Nolen18:07:25

JOB PURPOSE: As a Software Engineer, you will work with a team of software engineers who have developed production software solutions with Clojure/ClojureScript and Datomic that support critical business processes. You will assist with design, development and deployment of software solutions. Your duties will include development, writing code, and documenting functionality using Clojure/ClojureScript.   CRITICAL JOB FUNCTIONS: • Participate in full lifecycle software development from design to deployment to production support • Work with Business Analysts to translate concepts and requirements into buildable software designs • Produce quality code from specifications and technical designs • Participate in team agile processes, including backlog grooming, sprint planning and iteration demos. • Work closely with QA resources to identify, document, and resolve bugs and other issues.   SUPPORTING DUTIES TO THE CRITICAL JOB FUNCTIONS: • Develop software using databases such as SQL or Datomic • Design interactive applications • Use Frontend technologies such as JavaScript, React, or other equivalent frameworks to create a robust and intuitive user experience    JOB REQUIREMENTS: • 3+ years' experience of working as a Software Engineer using Clojure/ClojureScript as the programming language OR significant experience in developing web applications using at least one functional programming language • Experience developing software in Python, Java, C, C++, C# or other mainstream languages • Experience using GitHub repositories and a branch and merge SDLC • using project management tools such as Jira for work management and working in an agile, iterative delivery process.

John Conti19:07:39

Howdee, we have a Clojure opening at Crossbeam!

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Hi John 😃 I don't see any mention of Clojure in this job posting :X

John Conti19:07:30

Sorry for the late reply. Good observation. Our entire backend is Clojure. So for sure that is the right place. We’ll work on improving that posting. It looks like it could use quite a bit of love.

John Conti19:07:24

The feedback is that for Clojurists, the explicit mentioning was great. But for people not familiar it scared them off. And the reality of Crossbeam’s situation is that we are more than willing to teach Clojure.


Right on. What is the product exactly? And would it be more front-end focused or back-end? ( I’m comfortable with both. Lately I get very enthusiastic when working on prototypes for front-end stuff. ) As far as I can tell, the product is kinda like the mortar between bricks. Clients connect and provide their contacts, and behind the scenes Crossbeam is like a networking wizard…. Do I have that right ?

John Conti17:07:32

Sorry again for the late reply. We provide an exchange for organizations that want to cooperate on marketing and sales to exchange leads and contact information in a secure auditable way with full controls for privacy. The UI is Vue, and the backend is Clojure.


Hey, Commsor is looking for clojure full stack software engineers to join us. We're building the operating system for communities (just like clojurians!). Details and application at

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FYI, That link 404's for me


@U09LZR36F Is that an internal link?


That position looks sweet! ❤️


Thank you, not sure what's happened there!