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Hi all, Polecat is looking to hire another Clojurian to join our team. We do a reputation intelligence SaaS that helps big companies to understand how they are perceived in the media. We use ElasticSearch, GraphQL (Lacinia), Kafka and Datomic. There is also some Python. This is a 100% remote job, however because of the difficulty of getting set up in a new country we prioritize candidates from countries where we already have employees: UK, Poland, Netherlands, US.

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Mathew Samuel19:05:42

Happy Monday fellow Clojurians! I'm the VP of Engineering at Ladders (, and we're looking for experienced Clojure engineers. We are investing heavily in CI/CD, because we believe it makes our engineers happy, and the company more profitable. Our tech stack is Clojure, ElasticSearch, Kafka, Kubernetes (managed), MariaDB, Redis, and Redshift on the backend + React/Redux/Typescript on the front-end. We are 100% in AWS. We are a remote-first organization, and this position is open to anyone in the world.  We only require some overlap with US/ET hours in the onboarding phase. We already have engineers in China, India, Australia, Romania, and Poland Apply here:;lever-source%5B%5D=Clojurians Please reach out to me or @mkocubinski for any questions.